Dempsey Ewan is a graphic designer living in Brooklyn. In her free time she moonlights as a floral designer and helps run a risograph zine, Big Mess. She enjoys classical works of fiction, fashion history, and fresh, McDonald’s hashbrowns.




Ziggy’s Mobility Boost is a joint-supplement for dogs in a delicious soft chew. The goal for this brand was to incorporate the heritage of rural vermont and the heritage-feeling of vintage-looking supplement and health-food brands


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Many vintage-health food and supplement brands have a unique style born out of a utilitarian intent. Look at any Dr. Bronner’s label to see this concept visualized. I kept this idea of utilitarianism in the back of my mind and considered the other half of this equation, the heritage theme. With this concept I decided that I wanted the type and color palette to be reminiscent of something like a family-owned, hardware store. I wanted a vintage look for the letter-forms and chose a national-parks inspired script as an accent. The color palette was to feel rich and traditional with a more modern pop of  bright yellow. 

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