Dempsey Ewan is a graphic designer living in Brooklyn. In her free time she moonlights as a floral designer and helps run a risograph zine, Big Mess. She enjoys classical works of fiction, fashion history, and fresh, McDonald’s hashbrowns.



What Tries to Stay Put

This campaign and lookbook for Zara’s fall collection was inspired by classic movies and the scene where the main character steals a car and peels off into the distance. This shoot was entirely narrative Driven. I wanted something that would cause the viewer to see the models as characters and the photos as key scenes in a film.

This shoot involved twenty-one suitcases as props. Each suitcase had a word applied to it in vinyl letters. I chose the words because they were both vague and evocative. Put several of the suitcases in the same scene, and it created a sort of abstract, poetic sentence.

Stills from a movie scene, cars, and suitcases all have common themes—movement, travel, leaving things behind. The name of the piece What Tries to Stay Put, is all about this idea of movement—the losing battle of trying to keep impermanent things permanent and knowing when its time to get out of town.

Ethan Benavidez

Cole Howell
Isabella Latell
Luke Liu
Kenzie Stiles
Drew Summers
CSCA Creative Best,
Merit Award

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