Dempsey Ewan is a graphic designer living in Brooklyn. In her free time she moonlights as a floral designer and helps run a risograph zine, Big Mess. She enjoys classical works of fiction, fashion history, and fresh, McDonald’s hashbrowns.



St. Ambrose University
St. Ambrose Universtiy is a small Catholic Instiution In Davenport Iowa. They came to SimpsonScarborough with a request for our help broadening perspective students’ awareness. They lacked the verbal and visual tools to effectively communicate who they were, within their own campus and externally.

During our on-campus discovery we learned that SAU was the home of Edward Catich, a priest, calligrapher, stonecutter, artist, and most famously, did incredibly important work on the typeface that later became Trajan. His artwork filled campus and gave a unique midcentury look to the signage and decor of many buildings. We were especially inspired by a series of stained-glass windows he created in the camp

With such an ownable visual precedent, we created a system for SAU that incorporated Trajan Sans and included a series of modular icons inspired by Father Catich’s artworks. 
Incorporating both the historical timelessness of this visual style and adding more modern elements like our headline type and compositional layouts paid homage to who SAU was and where their future was heading. 
St. Ambrose University

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Senior Designer

Created at: SimpsonScarborough
Collaborators: Emily Barriball, Katie Schwendeman, Jason Shough

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